Audiovisual Speech Processing: The Role of Attention and Conflict

TitleAudiovisual Speech Processing: The Role of Attention and Conflict
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMorís-Fernández L, Soto-Faraco S
Academic DepartmentDepartment of Experimental and Health Sciences
Number of Pages180
Date Published06/2016
UniversityPompeu Fabra
Thesis TypePhD
KeywordsAttention, Audiovisual, Conflict, McGurk, Speech

Events in our environment do rarely excite only one sensory pathway, but usually involve several modalities offering complimentary information. These different informations are usually integrated into a single percept through the process of multisensory integration. The present dissertation addresses how and under what circumstances this multisensory integration process occurs in the context of audiovisual speech. The findings of this dissertation challenge previous views of audiovisual integration in speech as a low level automatic process by providing evidence, first, of the influence of the attentional focus of the participant on the multisensory integration process, particularly the need of both modalities to be attended for them to be integrated; and second evidence of the engagement of high level processes (i.e. conflict detection and resolution) when incongruent audiovisual speech is presented, particularly in the case of the McGurk effect.