Philip Jaekl

Mireia Torralba
Tanger building - 55 106

My research concerns the interaction between human auditory and visual sensory systems. 

I use psychophysical methods to determine the perceptual outcomes of audiovisual sensory integration. For example, some of my research has shown that sound can modulate the perceived timing of visual events and make low contrast visual stimuli more detectable. These examples demonstrate that audiovisual sensory integration can significantly enhance aspects of visual processing and thus, the importance of multisensory integration in perceptual processing in general.

This work can be used to corroborate physiological data and thus determine the neural processing stage and locations at which sensory integration may influence perception and action and helps to improve our knowledge of how the brain processes sensory information. The understanding of audiovisual integration within the human brain can be used to modulate perceptual processing in practical applications, is important for understanding how speech is processed, the parsing of separate events in our surrounding environment and for aiding in the development of techniques for helping patients with neurological deficits.